Who is the Voice Within

6 min readFeb 17, 2024

In recent years, I have not taken the time to think about people’s confusion with the voice in their heads. I intuitively knew that there was a reason another voice could be heard, but I did not take the time to flesh it out.

Recently, I started watching television. I have been down with some type of virus or bug. I turn the television on first thing in the morning. I do not write. I only check my emails and do some marketing.

I sit and listen to the news at night with my husband, but now I play games on my phone while watching television.

I have noticed a distinct difference in the voice in my head. It is not mine. Let me clarify, it still sounds like me, but it comes from someplace else. I noticed it after the first week. My authentic voice will still pipe in, occasionally, when I am thinking or dreaming, but a different voice has become louder, especially the first thing in the morning, right before it is time to get up and write.

This morning, it became clear that another dominant voice had taken over. How can this happen? I wonder.

I am not upset or scared; I understand what I need to do to let my authentic voice take back over; I need to disconnect from the outside world. What I mean by that is no television or radio during the day — no games at night. Listening to the news with my husband for an hour does not seem to hurt when the rest of my day is spent in silence.

How can I find my authentic voice? By first drowning out the commercial voices during the day. Number two is to eliminate anything repetitive, like games, that seem to seep in and stay. The structure of my nightly dreams will follow the repetitive pattern of the games I play.

This also means watching the same commercials repeatedly and the same beat of the media repeatedly, producing a repetitive pattern in my brain. Whatever information you choose to ingest will quite rapidly affect your inner voice.

The outside voices start to become my inner voice. In the bible, it says when two come together in my name. I truly understand what the Lord is telling us. When I read my bible, it helps to influence my thinking. But here is the thing. I do not have a third-party voice in my head when I read. The information I am reading communicates differently than when I hear the same information from a different mode. That is why I like to listen to the bible as well as read and pontificate. I am only interacting with information that I want to influence my authentic voice.

The voice I am referring to is not a voice that comes from a superficial level. I don’t know how to describe it. The voice that is normally me when I do not allow the outside world to dominate or infiltrate my mind is a voice that is one with my soul. It feels different; it feels complete. There is a knowing that comes with this voice. This is where we get our self-esteem and our self-confidence.

If you have ever gone on a vacation where you are out, let us say hiking for a couple of days. Disconnected from the voices of the world. The voice in your head begins to change. The quiet allows your inner voice to be heard. There is nothing else disturbing the brain waves except nature. The longer you disconnect, the more authentic your voice will become. This is the unplugging that is necessary to hear the voice from within. It can take hours and sometimes days before your authentic inner voice returns.

Some writers must disconnect from the external world to find their voice. To write. To be creative. It is the best way to quiet the outside voice we allow to creep in.

This leads me to think about the generation today. No wonder they are so confused. No compass. They are slaves to the voice from outside. The voice from outside has squelched the voice from within. That must be a terrifying feeling. Not to have an internal compass that you can trust.

When we can shut out the noise from the outside world, we can hear the voice from our soul. Our spirit.

This is where the separation comes in from the soul and spirit. The soul is our minds, our emotions, our will. Our humanity. The soul can be imprinted; it is a material and immaterial part of us.

Our spirit needs a connection. The spirit is something we have, something we possess. We have a spirit, but we are a soul.

The outside noise of the world imprints on my soul. There is no connection that I feel with the spirit. My spirit, therefore, is being neglected. So, how do I feed my spirit?

Hebrews 4:12 For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.

I feel my spirit being fed when I connect to another person, whether through a mutual love for each other or a love or passion for something we like or do. I feel my spirit connect when I express my love to God. That connection of love with God helps to fulfill that need, that spiritual hunger that lives within all of us.

My soul can be manipulated easily by the information I intake. My spirit is only affected by the connection it makes with another spirit and by the good or evil deeds of the soul. What is the spirit? I can only identify it as the conduit to a more profound intuitive feeling from within. The feelings that come from the heart, from God.

Our feelings are manipulated by our surroundings and by other people. There is a spirit of the bond between two people. The spiritual connection can be broken when something inorganic happens. For example, when a person you have a spiritual connection with hurts you somehow, the spiritual bond is broken.

Since the outside world is known through the five senses, people’s bond with the outside world can decimate them. There is no one personally identified connection that will take responsibility for the developed relationship.

By this, I mean when a person starts to identify with a collective narrative- Let us say, for the sake of this article, it is determining the truth. What I mean by the truth is the truth according to the person experiencing it or hearing it.

When I decide if what I am hearing or seeing is the truth, how did I come to that determination? Most of the time, it is from experience.

But when I take a little time to explore the subject, in this case, what is the truth itself, it takes on a whole different meaning.

There is the truth in what we think we see. And it has been studied and established that we all know the world differently.

Or the truth from what we hear. Then, to whom are we listening? And how did they come to the truth that they are sharing?

This is where I reflect on the voice in my head. The authentic voice that comes from inner reflection and by quieting the voices that come from the outside world.

This can be extremely hard in today’s world. But one way you can do this is when you leave the office and get in your car. Do not turn on the radio. When you exercise and like to listen to music, listen to music without lyrics.

Allow your voice to be heard. Sometimes it takes a while. But then it will start with a whisper and before you know it your voice will come back with a vengeance. If it has been a long time, it can be quite disconcerting to go through the housekeeping process.

You will go through much-needed information and questions built up while the voice has been blocked. It is a fantastic process. Sometimes uncomfortable and sometimes exhilarating. But when we are aware and recognize our spirit, our voice, The world starts to become right again.

I am not a scientist. I have studied self-improvement and motivational information for most of my life. I do understand that what we put into our brains affects our thoughts. Be cognizant and protect the sanctity of your soul and spirit.

Do not just let anyone or anything have access to your soul.





Monica Broussard is a Writer, and Speaker, with a Life Coach Certification. She occasionally writes for her hometown SeaCliff Living Magazine.