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The Shocking Truth About Truth

What is Truth? More than ever, our society seems to be looking for “THE TRUTH.” Why is it so hard to find?

We all need help with the amount of information flowing today. It is like a wet blanket covering our perception. It hangs on us heavily, making it hard to move, and we are unable to view what is going on around us with a clear perspective.

Then how can we be free of the heavy cloak that hangs on us? By knowing The Truth? But isn’t that the whole problem we keep confronting day in and day out? What is the Truth?

Pontius Pilate asked Jesus, when the people of Jerusalem had called for His death, this question: “What is Truth?”

When we apply this passage to our interpretation of John 18:37–38, we can see that Jesus embodies the ultimate Truth and serves as the way to God. Through His teachings and existence, He reveals the Truth leading to everlasting life. Verse 37 emphasizes the significance of Jesus’ mission to bear witness to the Truth.

We can enter the unknown expanse of the jungle without a guide and hope our preparations will carry us through. But even with all the necessary equipment, will we have enough knowledge to navigate the intricate terrain? Or will we need a guide to lead and teach us how to endure?

Let’s apply this analogy to our daily lives. We live in a communication jungle full of overwhelming information, which can facilitate feelings of loneliness and disconnection. How do we find our way? Who will guide us through the thick fog of intelligence, protect us from potential dangers, and show us how to obtain the resources we need to sustain ourselves?

It is everywhere, surrounding us. We witness the struggles in today’s society as many of our young and downtrodden try to survive without direction or support. Mental illness, Drugs, Homelessness, Violence, and a lack of respect for authority surround us in the unforgiving jungle of life. These individuals are lost with no clear path to follow and no guiding truth to hold onto.

So, what exactly is Truth? Why is it so difficult to uncover it? And if we cannot find Truth, what is the polar opposite? Could it be lies, deception, impurity, and unwholesomeness?

Where can the Truth be found?

It resides within each of us, placed there by a higher power. The Truth safely nestles within our hearts. But how can I access it if it is already inside me?

Simply ask-

Who do we ask? According to the creation story, God created Adam and Eve in his image and breathed his spirit into them. This spirit lives within all of us.

The belief that humans are inherently good stems from the idea that we have inherited goodness from a higher power, such as Our Father. But how did this come to be?

Is it possible for another spirit to enter our bodies? Yes, but only if we allow it. The distinction between good and evil lies in the fact that we are inherently good, but our free will allows us to welcome evil into our lives.

Virtue acknowledges virtue and rejects malevolence. Malevolence knows no limits and will devastate anything in its path.

Once again, upon Jesus’ ascension back to the Father after his time on earth, he declared-

Exactly what does it entail to not let your heart be troubled? It’s intriguing how Jesus worded his instruction to his disciples. Instead of asking them to avoid fear or anxiety, he specifically tells them to not allow their hearts to be troubled. This directive suggests that we can control our reactions to life’s challenges as told to us in John 14

Think about this: What is the worst that could happen? Why not welcome the Holy Spirit into your heart by accepting Jesus Christ? What do you have to lose?

The astonishing revelation regarding Truth is that it resides within us, waiting to be unlocked.

We need to request the presence of a facilitator to awaken what has always been within us.

Jesus is the Shocking Truth about Truth. Ask Him to come into your heart.




Monica Broussard is a Writer, and Speaker, with a Life Coach Certification. She occasionally writes for her hometown SeaCliff Living Magazine.