Steps to Finding Revelation Daily

4 min readJun 30, 2023
Whatever Trial you’re Facing, have Faith

No matter what challenge is presented to you, there is a way to navigate it. Though it may be hard to see right now, God has given us the wisdom and guidance to overcome any difficulty and emerge more vital than ever before.

This article is a guide to Finding Revelation Daily by acquiring the knowledge needed for most life situations that you might find yourself in. Here are some recommended tips on how to uncover your answer.

By meditating on the Bible, you can gain a deeper understanding of the scriptures, known as revelation knowledge. When you’ve gone over a particular passage multiple times, it may be easy to move on without fully absorbing it. Stop and wait for God to give you insights beyond what you already know.

Revelation knowledge is revealed when you focus and meditate on scripture related to your current circumstances. Reading a verse several times helps you to gain insight into its deeper meaning. Spend a few moments and allow God to uncover the knowledge that has never been revealed to you before or something that you have only recently come to understand.

Inner insight comes from interior contemplation, not external interpretation. Keep an open heart and mind while meditating on God’s Word to receive a new word. Revelation knowledge comes from inside of us instead of being acquired externally. As you reflect on His Word, open your heart and mind to a new Word.

Our whole being is composed of spirit, soul, and body- but to receive divine understanding, we must access the hidden place. Simply put, “Praying in the spirit will provide greater wisdom than what we know by ourselves.” Or, to say it another way: “Praying in the Spirit increases our spiritual intelligence beyond what our minds are capable of.” That about sums it up.

When you’re unsure of the solution to an issue, the Holy Spirit will reveal it to you. If you need an answer to a particular problem, invest more time in praying and hold out until you hear from Him.

Talking to God isn’t enough- you must listen too. We often say our prayers, giving Him our requests or complaints, but this shouldn’t be the end. We must also take time to hear what He has to say. We can receive clever ideas and new insights from the Holy Spirit through listening.

You can’t call it praying until you’ve heard what God has to say. It’s too easy to give God a list of what we want or need and quickly move on with our day. Listening is how the Holy Spirit will bring us fresh insight into our lives.

God often speaks to us through His representatives in extraordinary ways. Even ancient teaching can bring about a revelation concerning your health, wealth, connections, or any other area where you need solutions.

Sometimes, God will communicate with you through the words of a minister, priest, or other religious figure. These words may provide a revelation about any issue requiring guidance.

When biblical figures sought answers from God, they often chose to fast. Fasting is a powerful tool that allows an individual to clear his mind of earthly concerns and open their heart to receive guidance from the Holy Spirit.

Paul, Esther, Ezra, and Barnabas sought answers from God by fasting. By fasting, you are changed — not God! It is a way of putting aside your physical needs and allowing your spirit to be open to hearing from God’s Holy Spirit.

Spiritual integrity is the condition of being utterly faithful to oneself and steadfastly committed to honesty. It requires a strong sense of self-awareness and an unwavering desire for authenticity. To cultivate spiritual integrity, we must first acknowledge that we are not always truthful.

To have integrity means being whole, with the added capacity to be completely honest with oneself. It requires enormous readiness levels by being mindful, alert, and informed. Tell the truth regardless of the outcome. The first step in developing spiritual integrity is to admit that we don’t always practice honesty.

No matter what question or difficulty you are being confronted with today, there is an ideal solution. God wants to help you fulfill your dreams and live victorious lives. He shares this information through revelation knowledge, so don’t let it pass you by! Try using these steps as a framework to ensure you get the answers from Him.

Whatever trial you’re facing, have faith. God has a brilliant response and wants to walk with you through your life. Revelation knowledge is His way of leading you in the right direction.

Take advantage of His wisdom!

Trust in Him until you receive His answer.




Monica Broussard is a Writer, and Speaker, with a Life Coach Certification. She occasionally writes for her hometown SeaCliff Living Magazine.