Preparing for a Successful Book Signing as an Author

4 min readApr 5, 2024

Your heart races as you hold onto your most recent creation. It’s showtime at your book signing, but before the fans arrive, you must make a few preparations to ensure a successful event.

As Authors, we isolate ourselves to write. This means our interaction with people may be limited. Here is a list to follow to help generate a buzz.

Promote, Promote, Promote —

An empty room at a book signing can be frightening for a writer, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s important to spread news of your events through social media. Don’t forget to post details on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Continuously. You can also generate excitement by sharing snippets from chapters or giving a glimpse into your writing process, followed by the announcement of your book signing.

Email newsletters, make sure to send invitations early on. This will give you more time to promote through word-of-mouth and create even more buzz for your event.

Family and Friends are excited for you. Everyone has seen a book signing in a movie or on TV. This is their time to experience one of these events, with someone, they know. HOW FUN!

Don’t cheat them out of the experience. From the minute you have the date, start talking about it every time you are with people. How can you do that?

1. Clubs or meetings — Ask to make an announcement and be on the event calendar. You will be surprised how many people will come forward to support you and ask you questions about your book. Be prepared with your elevator pitch and book marks.

2. Go through your phone contacts list. If they live in your state or not, text them. Write individual notes to each person one month before the signing.

3. The week of the signing event, text every person who responded or did not respond. Tell them how nice it will be to see them. Assume everyone is coming unless they contacted you to say they are not.

4. Email- Go through your email. Email a note to each person individually. Tell them that you would like them to attend.

5. Make flyers. Immediately make flyers and keep them in your car. At every opportunity, hand the flyer out with bookmarks- advertise your book. Your bookmark should be your business card.

6. Go around your neighborhood. Hand your flyers out and invite your neighbors. You will be amazed at how many will come out to participate.

7. Invite your hairdresser, barber, dentist, and CPA — anyone you do business with. Believe me, if you give them business, they will want to support your business.

8. Call or email your local magazines and newspapers. They will be happy to post your event.

Rehearsal- Be Prepared

1. When crafting signature lines or clever remarks for fans, time is of the essence during signings. Instead of improvising on the spot, consider brainstorming and practicing some phrases beforehand. Additionally, make sure you have a clear understanding of the set-up and arrangement before the signing begins. A well-organized layout will ensure a smooth and efficient event for everyone involved.

2. Have your speech prepared. Know what you are going to say. Practice, Practice. If you read from your book, make it short. Tell a personal story involving the book. People want to hear what you have to say. They can read the book.

Signing Toolkit

1. Don’t forget to bring a few Sharpies or pens with you to sign your books. It’s always good to have extra, just in case one runs out of ink.

2. If you have bookmarks or any other promotional items for your book, signs, or pop-ups, make sure to bring those along as well. They can serve as effective advertisements for your brand. Don’t be afraid to set up lots of advertising, it makes the event more festive. Stack giveaways high next to your books and offer them as gifts with each purchase.

Also, keep some sticky notes on hand in case there are tricky names or words that could cause difficulties for even the most skilled writer.

**Don’t forget, book signings are not always easy to come by. The bookstore that is hosting the event is a business and they are looking to attract more customers through this event. Having a book signing creates excitement in the store, resulting in increased sales and the potential for future invitations.

For the publisher, this helps them open doors for future authors to join in and make the most of the opportunity by allowing them to promote their work at book store venues alongside those who have paved the way before them.




Monica Broussard is a Writer, and Speaker, with a Life Coach Certification. She occasionally writes for her hometown SeaCliff Living Magazine.