Influence and Ignorance at College Protests

3 min readApr 23, 2024

The protests at colleges today indicate that the professors have influenced these young students to fight for a cause they do not fully comprehend. It is concerning to see individuals adopt an ideology without understanding its history, especially one that promotes violence, torture, and death. How did we allow this to occur?

What can we do to address this issue? If a child does not have a strong foundation of faith, they will seek one in the outside world. This is not to say that children raised with a solid faith background are exempt from going astray, but it is easier to guide them and shape their beliefs when you have established a close relationship.

It can be difficult for a parent to sway their child’s thoughts after someone else has influenced them. This highlights the importance of having a solid family structure in a society that is becoming increasingly destructive and violent. Children must either be guided by their family or by the outside world.

We have allowed our children to be influenced by outside ideologies rather than keeping them within the family unit. This can be attributed to the generational failure to fulfill our roles as parents and grandparents, which instead allows professors and other external influences to significantly impact our loved ones. Allowing our children to follow the fad ideology of the day is like being a rudderless ship sailing around without having the tools necessary to fix it and get to its destination.

History is repeating itself as a dangerous ideology resurfaces. We know from experience that if we do not learn about our historical past, we will repeat it. And here we go again. We’ve seen this before, where the younger generation holds the power in a society and directs its path. This occurred with Hitler, Pol Pot, and Stalin, and the list goes on with dire consequences. They separated the youth from their families and brainwashed them. Similarly, our colleges are doing the same today.

We fund this ideology. Our professors have tenure, which means they are protected even if we disagree with their teachings. We have given away all of our power. They take our money, and we have no say in how it is used or what is being taught.

This is just one example of the dangerous issues we are currently facing. We toil endlessly while the profits are reaped for unfavorable and destructive goals. We are the ones providing the resources for a machine that doesn’t care about our needs. We have become enslaved by a system that was meant to work for us, not this way.

What can we do to address this issue? Those with strong principles and a solid moral compass must help to set the right course. We must take action to correct these injustices. This can mean getting involved in your local community and using your voice to make an impact.

By uniting our voices, we can create real change and be a force to be reckoned with.

We are on the precipice of stepping off a dangerous cliff; once we have gone off, there is no turning back. The current state of our society is a result of seeds that were planted long ago, and now we must reap what has been sown. I pray we make the change before it’s too late. These professors are products of the sixties, an era where religion was pushed aside in favor of individualism and self-serving values. As a society, we cannot continue to fail to raise our children without strong moral foundations.

When our children are tasked with finding the answers to all the fundamental questions in life, they are forced to venture out into the world to discover them. These answers about their identity and beliefs should have been ingrained in them from birth. The notion of sending a child out into the world to find themselves is damaging, and the world itself is inherently harmful.

Everyone has the potential for goodness within them, but it takes self-awareness and understanding to tap into it. Otherwise, they can be swayed by negative forces that promote chaos and harm.




Monica Broussard is a Writer, and Speaker, with a Life Coach Certification. She occasionally writes for her hometown SeaCliff Living Magazine.