Discover the Secret to being Wise!

5 min readMar 7, 2024

The silence is deafening as I enter the catacomb of the ancient library. My dream is so real that when I inhale, the air of the room is filled with the musk of old parchment and musty books, the aroma of centuries of knowledge and secrets waiting to be uncovered. I intuitively understand that this is a place of reverence — a sacred hall where seekers of wisdom and knowledge come to uncover past mysteries.

The only sound I hear is the faint rustling of pages turning as devoted scholars and curious minds comb through the vast collection of books. Each book promises to unearth a hidden gem of wisdom within its pages. I am eager to embark on my journey to uncover the secrets within the pages of these ancient Holy Writs.

As I explore the library of sacred books written from life, I feel like I am on a journey through a dense forest, with ancient trees whispering their wisdom and moss-covered paths leading to hidden knowledge. The shelves tower above me, filled with leather-bound volumes and delicate scrolls that seem to hold secrets too sacred to share.

Time seems to stand still in this hallowed space- the pursuit of knowledge is the only thing that matters. I can feel the weight of the mystery of life in every corner, and it is both humbling and exhilarating.

I take a deep breath, feeling a sense of reverence wash over me. This is a place of magic, where words hold the power to transport and unlock the mysteries of the human experience.

I explore each row of books, scanning the titles. It is like finding the last puzzle piece, the missing part of a map leading to an ancient treasure, or the key to unlocking a hidden door that reveals an ethereal world.

The library is a sanctuary for those seeking knowledge, solace, or even a safe place to escape the chaos of the outside world. Each book contains a universe waiting to be discovered- the shelves are lined with endless possibilities.

In the back of the library, I find an unmarked row, where I stumble across a book with its cover worn and faded from years of eager hands and curious minds. Its pages are curled and yellowed with age. The words Discover the Secret to Being Wise, embossed in gold, catch the light, spotlighting a glint of a promise that captures the eye of anyone who passes by and is willing to see.

For those who take the time to read its pages, the book is a guide to understanding the world and finding wisdom in its complexities. It reminds me that I might discover the greatest treasures in unexpected places and that even the most beaten and worn objects can hold immense value.

The book is heavy in my hands, and its leather cover is soft and smooth. Running my fingers over the embossed title, I can feel the grooves and dips of each letter.

I gently place the antique book on the table. Its pages are full of ancient text and profound knowledge. The cover bears signs of wear and tear, and the once-bold title is now faded and difficult to read. The yellowing pages hint at its age and add a sense of mystique and wisdom to its contents.

As I open the book, the scent of old paper and musty ink fills my nose. It is the smell of wisdom, of knowledge passed down through the ages. A soft, glowing light emanates from its pages, beckoning me with promises of understanding.

The taste of knowledge is almost within my grasp, a banquet for the mind just waiting to be consumed. The words on each page have a rich and fulfilling flavor, broadening the limits of my thoughts.

With time, the corners of the pages have curled up, and as I wet my finger to flip the page, I can taste a slight tinge of dust and ink.

The air hangs heavy with a bitter herbal taste, the residue of potions and elixirs brewed in ages past in pursuit of wisdom and enlightenment.

The sound of paper rustling fills my ears as I turn each page. It’s a comforting and familiar sound, revealing new revelations and hidden truths with each flip. The words on the pages are like a tonic for my mind, seeping into my thoughts, internalized.

In the early morning hours, as I start to wake from this delectable dream, I can still hear the faint rustle of turning pages like a gentle reminder that I am on the path to discovering the Secret of the Wise.

In the remanence of my vision, as I linger between the dream world and wakefulness, I can still feel the weathered and worn edges of each page- tinged with the dirt and the oils of countless hands that have turned them in search of answers.

This dream, filled with symbols and deep meanings like a parable, stays in my mind as an echoing voice proclaims that the true key to wisdom is not a hidden secret but rather a gift from God found within the sacred words of the Bible.

I am vividly present in this hazy dream- transported to a place of great significance. The message continues: “The key to true wisdom is not a hidden secret, but rather a gift from God found within the sacred words of the Bible,” imparting its knowledge directly into my mind until filled with understanding and clarity.

As I gradually come to consciousness, I am still basking in the peacefulness of a restful slumber. I remember my eyes drawn to the glimmering gold letters on the book’s cover: “Discover the Secret to Being Wise.” It was an enticing invitation, urging me to explore the profound wisdom within its pages, bound in rich, embossed leather.

I knew this revelation was true as I woke and the dream faded. The key to true wisdom is not something to seek after or hoard; it is a gift God gives to those who seek it.

This dream, filled with symbolism and meaning, lingers in my thoughts. It speaks to me from within, reminding me that the key to wisdom is not a secret but a divine gift given to us through the holy scriptures.

Sitting here today with a Bible, I feel comfort and purpose. This book has been with me in one way or another through every stage of my life, a constant companion on my journey of discovery.

I open it to a random page, my eyes falling on a passage I have read countless times before. Yet, as always, the words seem to hold new meaning and insight. The sacred text is critical to my lifelong pursuit of knowledge and understanding.

I live with a sense of purpose. Finding Revelation Daily in pursuit of knowledge and understanding, guided by the words of the Holy Bible.




Monica Broussard is a Writer, and Speaker, with a Life Coach Certification. She occasionally writes for her hometown SeaCliff Living Magazine.