Can We Really Recognize God’s Voice?

2 min readApr 26, 2021

The Kingdom of Heaven is where God reigns as King over the spiritual realm.

Our part in the fulfillment of God’s will on Earth- is to increase our awareness and to recognize His voice.

To be able to find revelation in our daily lives we need to grow our knowledge and perception of God.

God can work in and through us both naturally and supernaturally- and more powerfully than we can ever imagine.

The fabric of humanity and our part in it-

can only be understood by understanding the God- who created it.

We should be familiar with how the kingdom was designed to operate- before sin ever entered the thoughts of man.

When God gives us dreams and visions- He communicates with us from a biblical standpoint. When we enter the school of the Holy Spirit, God will touch our heartstrings and talk to us on the deepest levels.

How can we know- that the dreams, visions, and thoughts- that come to us- originate with the Holy Spirit?

We can take the time to read the bible- and to pray.

These practices will facilitate the movement of the Holy Spirit.

When we obey God through the guidance of scripture- we will progressively obtain the ability to recognize His voice- through the chorus of sounds that infiltrate our lives.

Having a daily interaction with God’s Word- is the single best step to becoming aware of God’s presence.

We can read the bible first thing in the morning- and/or the last thing we do at night.

We can listen to the audible bible when we drive to and from work. We can listen to the bible as we sleep.

This interaction will show us the nature of His character.

While these practices are- educational in scope-

the primary focus should be on our relationship- and hearing the voice of God and recognizing His nature- which reminds us that God is always present.

Having a continuous conversation with God- reminds us- that He is always there. He will open our eyes to the circumstances around us. He will increase His influence in our awareness of the spiritual realm- and the world around us.

When God reveals Himself- He changes our hearts, and can influence our circumstances, and create opportunities,

“ When” — — we pay attention to His will.

The more aware we are of God, the more likely we are to obey-

and the more we obey, the more aware we will be of Him-

and His activities around us.

The Kingdom of Heaven- is where God reigns as King over the spiritual realm.

Our part in the fulfillment of God’s will on Earth- is to increase our awareness.




Monica Broussard is a Writer, and Speaker, with a Life Coach Certification. She occasionally writes for her hometown SeaCliff Living Magazine.