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A Mother’s Love

Love comes in many shapes and forms. We experience romantic love, unconditional love, but the most powerful of all is a mother’s love. This type of love is embedded deep within the soul and will remain there forever. It is one that cannot be replaced.

If we were a fresh loaf being baked in the oven, our mothers’ love would be like the yeast that makes us rise. It’s the scent of kindness and nurturing that fills the kitchen with an inviting aroma. So why do we treasure our mothers so much?

Our connection to our mother is immediate, and it’s something that goes far beyond a biological tie. As soon as we hear her voice, our senses come alive, and we respond to it in ways that researchers are only just beginning to understand. When we were breastfed, we felt the warmth and comfort of her body, and we knew that we were safe in her care.

Our mothers have the power to soothe us with their voice and physical touch- and so, we trust them implicitly. Through these acts of affection, we feel reassured and safe. The positive attention we received at such a young age carries over into our later life. This foundational bond helps establish a strong relationship between us and our moms that can last throughout our lives.

The love our mothers have for us is unbendable and unbreakable. Moms have the superpower of being able to do incredible things due to their immense levels of love. A mother’s love gives her a strength that surpasses human limitations. A mother’s love is infinite, a force that can protect, nurture, and even mend broken souls.

The power of a mother’s love can shape and mold our lives, deeply influencing the development of our brains and guiding the formation of our consciences. In an age when society encourages women to prioritize their own needs, it is important to recognize the lasting impact that a mother’s care and love can have on her children.

Some of us may not have conscious recollections of being loved by our mothers as a child, but there is an underlying understanding that we were cared for and cherished in infancy. There is no one who can provide the same level of assurance and security as a mother’s love.

I needn’t look any further than my own life to find places where my mother’s love has made an impact on my life. Her affection influenced my interactions with others, the paths I chose in the work world, and how I tackled difficult situations. It is one of the most treasured gifts I have ever received. It has been my invaluable source of inner strength, confidence, and mental stability. I will never take it for granted.

A mother’s love is a unique force, both powerful and tender in equal measure. Its impact can be heard through both words and silence.

Happy Mother’s Day




Monica Broussard is a Writer, and Speaker, with a Life Coach Certification. She occasionally writes for her hometown SeaCliff Living Magazine.